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File Formats                                           ypfiles(4)


ypfiles - Network Information Service Version 2, formerly knows as YP


The NIS network information service uses a distributed, replicated database of dbm files (in ASCII form) contained in the /var/yp directory hierarchy on each NIS server. NIS has been replaced by NIS+, the new version of the Network Information Service. See nis+(1). This release only supports the client functionality of NIS, (see ypclnt(3NSL)). The client functions are either supported by the ypserv process running on a machine with an earlier version of SunOS or by the NIS+ server in "YP-compatibility" mode, (see rpc.nisd(1M)). A dbm database served by the NIS server is called an NIS map. An NIS domain is a subdirectory of /var/yp containing a set of NIS maps on each NIS server. Standard nicknames are defined in the file /var/yp/nicknames. These names can be used in place of the full map name in the ypmatch and ypcat commands. The command ypcat -x can be used to display the current set of nick- names. The command ypwhich -m can be used to display all the available maps. Each line of the nickname file contains two fields separated by white space. The first field is the nickname and the second field is the name of the map that it expands to. The nickname cannot contain a ".".


/var/yp/nicknames nicknames file


nis+(1), nisaddent(1M), nissetup(1M), rpc.nisd(1M), ypbind(1M), ypinit(1M), dbm(3UCB), secure_rpc(3NSL), ypclnt(3NSL)


The NIS+ server, rpc.nisd, when run in "YP-compatibility mode", can support NIS clients only for the standard NIS maps listed below, provided that it has been set up to serve the corresponding NIS+ tables using nissetup(1M) and nisaddent(1M). The NIS+ server should serve the directory with the same name (case sensitive) as the domainname of the NIS client. NIS+ servers use secure RPC to verify client credentials but the NIS clients do not authenticate their requests using secure RPC. Therefore, NIS clients can look up the information stored by the NIS+ server only if the information has "read" access for an unauthenticated client (i.e. one with "nobody" NIS+ credentials). SunOS 5.8 Last change: 20 Jul 2001 1 File Formats ypfiles(4) NIS maps NIS+ tables passwd.byname passwd.org_dir passwd.byuid passwd.org_dir group.byname group.org_dir group.bygid group.org_dir publickey.byname cred.org_dir hosts.byaddr hosts.org_dir hosts.byname hosts.org_dir mail.byaddr mail_aliases.org_dir mail.aliases mail_aliases.org_dir services.byname services.org_dir services.byservicename services.org_dir rpc.bynumber rpc.org_dir rpc.byname rpc.org_dir protocols.bynumber protocols.org_dir protocols.byname protocols.org_dir networks.byaddr networks.org_dir networks.byname SunOS 5.8 Last change: 20 Jul 2001 2 File Formats ypfiles(4) networks.org_dir netmasks.bymask netmasks.org_dir netmasks.byaddr netmasks.org_dir ethers.byname ethers.org_dir ethers.byaddr ethers.byname bootparams bootparams auto.master auto_master.org_dir auto.home auto_home.org_dir auto_direct.org_dir auto.src auto_src.org_dir SunOS 5.8 Last change: 20 Jul 2001 3