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Maintenance Commands                                     vold(1M)


vold - Volume Management daemon to manage CD-ROM and floppy, ZIP/JAZ and DVD-ROM devices


/usr/sbin/vold [ -n ] [ -t ] [ -v ] [ -f config-file ] [ -l log-file ] [ -d root-dir ] [ -L debug-level ]


The Volume Management daemon, vold, creates and maintains a file system image rooted at root-dir that contains symbolic names for floppies, CD-ROMs and other removable devices. The default root-dir is set to /vol if no directory is specified by the -d option. vold reads the /etc/vold.conf configuration file upon startup. If the configuration file is modified later, vold must be told to reread the /etc/vold.conf file. Do this by entering example# kill -HUP vold_pid To tell vold to clean up and exit, the SIGTERM signal is used: example# kill -TERM vold_pid where vold_pid is the process ID of vold.


The following options are supported: -n Never writeback. Volume Management updates media labels with unique information if labels are not unique. This flag keeps Volume Management from changing your media. The default setting is FALSE. -t Dump NFS trace information to the log file. The default setting is FALSE. -v Provide lots of status information to the log file. The default setting is FALSE (do not pro- vide status info to log file). -droot-dir Specify an alternate root directory. The default location is /vol. Setting this will also cause other Volume Management utilities to use this as the default root directory. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 28 January 2000 1 Maintenance Commands vold(1M) -f config-file Specify an alternate configuration file. The default file is /etc/vold.conf. -l log-file Specify an alternate log file. The default log file is /var/adm/vold.log. -L debug-level Change the level (verbosity) of debug messages sent to the log file. The range is 0 to 99 where 0 is nothing and 99 is everything. The default level is 0.


vold sets the following environment variables to aid pro- grams which are called when events such as insert, notify, and eject occur: VOLUME_ACTION Event that caused this program to be executed. VOLUME_PATH Pathname of the matched regex from the vold.conf file. VOLUME_DEVICE Device (in /vol/dev) that applies to the media. VOLUME_NAME Name of the volume in question. VOLUME_USER User ID of the user causing the event to occur. VOLUME_SYMNAME Symbolic name of a device containing the volume. VOLUME_MEDIATYPE Name of the type of media (CD-ROM, floppy or rmdisk)


/etc/vold.conf Volume Management daemon configuration file. Directs the Volume Management daemon to control certain dev- ices, and causes events to occur when specific cri- teria are met. /usr/lib/vold/*.so.1 SunOS 5.8 Last change: 28 January 2000 2 Maintenance Commands vold(1M) Shared objects called by Volume Management daemon when certain actions occur. /var/adm/vold.log the default log file location (see the -l option for a description). /vol the default Volume Management root directory.


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | Availability | SUNWvolu | |_____________________________|_____________________________|


volcancel(1), volcheck(1), volmissing(1) rmmount(1M), rmmount.conf(4), vold.conf(4), attributes(5), volfs(7FS) System Administration Guide, Volume 1 SunOS 5.8 Last change: 28 January 2000 3