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Maintenance Commands                                  projmod(1M)


projmod - modify a project's information on the system


projmod [ -p projid [ -o ] ] [ -U user [ ,user ... ] ] [ -G group [ ,group ... ] ] [ -c comment ] [ -l new_projectname ] project


The projmod utility modifies a project's definition on the system. projmod changes the definition of the specified pro- ject and makes the appropriate project-related system file and file system changes.


The following options are supported: -c comment Specify comment as a text string. Generally, comment contains a short description of the project. This information is stored in the project's /etc/project entry. -G group [,group...] Specify a replacement list of member groups of the project. -l new_projectname Specify the new project name for the project. The new_projectname argument is a string consisting of characters from the set of alphabetic characters, numeric characters, period (.), underline (_), and hyphen (-). The first character should be alphabetic and the field should contain at least one lowercase alphabetic character. A warning message is written if these restrictions are not met. A future Solaris release might refuse to accept login fields that do not meet these requirements. The new_projectname argu- ment must contain at least one character and must not contain a colon (:) or <NEWLINE> (0. -o This option allows the specified project ID to be duplicated (non-unique). -p projid Specify a new project ID for the project. It must be a non-negative decimal integer less than MAXUID as defined in param.h. -U user [, user...] Specify a replacement list of member users of the pro- ject. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 24 Jan 2000 1 Maintenance Commands projmod(1M)


The following operands are supported: project An existing project name to be modified.


In case of an error, projmod prints an error message and exits with one of the following values: The following exit values are returned: 0 Successful completion. 2 The command syntax ws invalid. A usage message for projmod is displayed. 3 An invalid argument was provided to an option. 4 The projid given with the -p option is already in use. 5 The project files contain an error. See project(4). 6 The project to be modified, group, or user does not exist. 9 The project is already in use. 10 Cannot update the /etc/project file. Other update requests are implemented.


/etc/group System file containing group definitions /etc/project System project file /etc/passwd System password file /etc/shadow System file containing users' encrypted passwords and related information


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: SunOS 5.8 Last change: 24 Jan 2000 2 Maintenance Commands projmod(1M) ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | Availability | SUNWcsu | |_____________________________|_____________________________|


groupadd(1M), groupdel(1M), groupmod(1M), projadd(1M), projdel(1M), useradd(1M), userdel(1M), usermod(1M), passwd(4), project(4), attributes(5)


The projmod utility modifies project definitions only in the local /etc/project file. If a network name service such as NIS or LDAP is being used to supplement the local files with additional entries, projmod cannot change information sup- plied by the network name service. However projmod verifies the uniqueness of project name and project ID against the external name service. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 24 Jan 2000 3