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User Commands                                            Intro(1)


Intro, intro - introduction to commands and application pro- grams


This section describes, in alphabetical order, commands available with this operating system. Pages of special interest are categorized as follows: 1B Commands found only in the SunOS/BSD Compatibility Package. Refer to the Source Compatibility Guide for more information. 1C Commands for communicating with other systems. 1F Commands associated with Form and Menu Language Interpreter (FMLI). 1S Commands specific to the SunOS system. OTHER SECTIONS See these sections of the man pages section 1M: System Administration Commands for more information. o Section 1M in this manual for system maintenance com- mands. o Section 4 of this manual for information on file for- mats. o Section 5 of this manual for descriptions of publicly available files and miscellaneous information pages. o Section 6 in this manual for computer demonstrations. For tutorial information about these commands and pro- cedures, see: o OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide Manual Page Command Syntax Unless otherwise noted, commands described in the SYNOPSIS section of a manual page accept options and other arguments according to the following syntax and should be interpreted as explained below. name [-option...] [cmdarg...] where: [ ] Surround an option or cmdarg that is not required. ... Indicates multiple occurrences of the option or SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 1 User Commands Intro(1) cmdarg. name The name of an executable file. { } The options and/or arguments enclosed within braces are interdependent, such that everything enclosed must be treated as a unit. option (Always preceded by a "-".) noargletter... or, argletter optarg[,...] noargletter A single letter representing an option without an option-argument. Note that more than one noargletter option can be grouped after one "-" (Rule 5, below). argletter A single letter representing an option requiring an option-argument. optarg An option-argument (character string) satisfying a preceding argletter. Note that groups of optargs fol- lowing an argletter must be separated by commas, or separated by a tab or space character and quoted (Rule 8, below). cmdarg Path name (or other command argument) not beginning with "-", or "-" by itself indicating the standard input. Command Syntax Standard: Rules These command syntax rules are not followed by all current commands, but all new commands will obey them. getopts(1) should be used by all shell procedures to parse positional parameters and to check for legal options. It supports Rules 3-10 below. The enforcement of the other rules must be done by the command itself. 1. Command names (name above) must be between two and nine characters long. 2. Command names must include only lower-case letters and digits. 3. Option names (option above) must be one character long. 4. All options must be preceded by "-". 5. Options with no arguments may be grouped after a single SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 2 User Commands Intro(1) "-". 6. The first option-argument (optarg above) following an option must be preceded by a tab or space character. 7. Option-arguments cannot be optional. 8. Groups of option-arguments following an option must either be separated by commas or separated by tab or space character and quoted (-o xxx,z,yy or - o "xxx z yy"). 9. All options must precede operands (cmdarg above) on the command line. 10. "--" may be used to indicate the end of the options. 11. The order of the options relative to one another should not matter. 12. The relative order of the operands (cmdarg above) may affect their significance in ways determined by the com- mand with which they appear. 13. "-" preceded and followed by a space character should only be used to mean standard input.


See attributes(5) for a discussion of the attributes listed in this section.


getopts(1), wait(1), exit(2), getopt(3C), wait(3UCB), attributes(5)


Upon termination, each command returns two bytes of status, one supplied by the system and giving the cause for termina- tion, and (in the case of "normal" termination) one supplied by the program [see wait(3UCB) and exit(2)]. The former byte is 0 for normal termination; the latter is customarily 0 for successful execution and non-zero to indicate troubles such as erroneous parameters, or bad or inaccessible data. It is called variously "exit code", "exit status", or "return code", and is described only where special conventions are involved. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 3 User Commands Intro(1)


Some commands produce unexpected results when processing files containing null characters. These commands often treat text input lines as strings and therefore become confused upon encountering a null character (the string terminator) within a line.


Name Description GFXconfig(1M) See pgxconfig(1M) Intro(1M) introduction to maintenance commands and application programs NIS+(1) See nis+(1) SUNWafb_config(1M) See afbconfig(1M) SUNWffb_config(1M) See ffbconfig(1M) SUNWifb_config(1M) configure the Sun Expert3D Graphics Accelerator SUNWm64_config(1M) See m64config(1M) Uutry(1M) attempt to contact remote system with debugging on ab2admin(1M) command-line interface for AnswerBook2 administration ab2cd(1M) run AnswerBook2 server from the Documentation CD ab2regsvr(1M) register an AnswerBook2 document server with FNS (Federated Naming Service) accept(1M) accept or reject print requests acct(1M) overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 4 User Commands Intro(1) acctadm(1M) configure extended accounting facility acctcms(1M) command summary from process accounting records acctcom(1) search and print process accounting files acctcon(1M) connect-time accounting acctcon1(1M) See acctcon(1M) acctcon2(1M) See acctcon(1M) acctdisk(1M) See acct(1M) acctdusg(1M) See acct(1M) acctmerg(1M) merge or add total accounting files accton(1M) See acct(1M) acctprc(1M) process accounting acctprc1(1M) See acctprc(1M) acctprc2(1M) See acctprc(1M) acctsh(1M) shell procedures for accounting acctwtmp(1M) See acct(1M) adb(1) general-purpose debugger adbgen(1M) generate adb script add_drv(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 5 User Commands Intro(1) add a new device driver to the system add_install_client(1M) See install_scripts(1M) add_to_install_server(1M) See install_scripts(1M) addbadsec(1M) map out defective disk blocks addbib(1) create or extend a bibliographic database admin(1) See sccs-admin(1) admintool(1M) system administration with a graphical user interface aedplot(1B) See plot(1B) afbconfig(1M) configure the AFB Graphics Accelerator alias(1) create or remove a pseudonym or shorthand for a com- mand or series of commands aliasadm(1M) manipulate the NIS+ aliases map allocate(1M) device allocation answerbook2(1) online documentation system answerbook2_admin(1M) bring up AnswerBook2 administration tool GUI apache(1M) Apache hypertext transfer protocol server overview appcert(1) examine application-level products for unstable use of Solaris interfaces apptrace(1) trace application function calls to Solaris shared libraries SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 6 User Commands Intro(1) apropos(1) locate commands by keyword lookup ar(1) maintain portable archive or library arch(1) display the architecture of the current host arp(1M) address resolution display and control as(1) assembler asa(1) convert FORTRAN carriage-control output to printable form aset(1M) monitors or restricts accesses to system files and directories aset.restore(1M) restores system files to their content before ASET is installed aspppd(1M) asynchronous PPP link manager aspppls(1M) See aspppd(1M) at(1) execute commands at a later time atoplot(1B) See plot(1B) atq(1) display the jobs queued to run at specified times atrm(1) remove jobs spooled by at or batch audioconvert(1) convert audio file formats audioplay(1) play audio files audiorecord(1) record an audio file audit(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 7 User Commands Intro(1) control the behavior of the audit daemon audit_startup(1M) audit subsystem initialization script audit_warn(1M) audit daemon warning script auditconfig(1M) configure auditing auditd(1M) audit daemon auditreduce(1M) merge and select audit records from audit trail files auditstat(1M) display kernel audit statistics auths(1) print authorizations granted to a user automount(1M) install automatic mount points automountd(1M) autofs mount/unmount daemon autopush(1M) configures lists of automatically pushed STREAMS modules awk(1) pattern scanning and processing language banner(1) make posters basename(1) deliver portions of path names basename(1B) display portions of pathnames batch(1) See at(1) bc(1) arbitrary precision arithmetic language bdconfig(1M) configures the bd (buttons and dials) stream SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 8 User Commands Intro(1) bdiff(1) big diff bfs(1) big file scanner bg(1) See jobs(1) bgplot(1B) See plot(1B) biff(1B) give notice of incoming mail messages boot(1M) start the system kernel or a standalone program bootparamd(1M) See rpc.bootparamd(1M) break(1) shell built-in functions to escape from or advance within a controlling while, for, foreach, or until loop bsmconv(1M) enable or disable the Basic Security Module (BSM) on Solaris bsmunconv(1M) See bsmconv(1M) busstat(1M) report bus-related performance statistics cachefslog(1M) Cache File System logging cachefspack(1M) pack files and file systems in the cache cachefsstat(1M) Cache File System statistics cachefswssize(1M) determine working set size for cachefs cal(1) display a calendar calendar(1) reminder service SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 9 User Commands Intro(1) cancel(1) cancel print request captoinfo(1M) convert a termcap description into a terminfo descrip- tion case(1) shell built-in functions to choose from among a list of actions cat(1) concatenate and display files catman(1M) create the formatted files for the reference manual cc(1B) C compiler cd(1) change working directory cdc(1) See sccs-cdc(1) cfgadm(1M) configuration administration cfgadm_ac(1M) EXX00 memory system administration cfgadm_pci(1M) PCI Hotplug hardware specific commands for cfgadm cfgadm_sbd(1M) cfgadm_scsi(1M) SCSI hardware specific commands for cfgadm cfgadm_sysctrl(1M) EXX00 system board administration cfsadmin(1M) administer disk space used for caching file systems with the Cache File-System (CacheFS) cg14config(1M) configure the cgfourteen device chargefee(1M) See acctsh(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 10 User Commands Intro(1) chat(1M) automated conversational exchange tool chdir(1) See cd(1) check-hostname(1M) check if sendmail can determine the system's fully- qualified host name check-permissions(1M) check permissions on mail rerouting files check(1M) See install_scripts(1M) checkeq(1) See eqn(1) checknr(1) check nroff and troff input files; report possible errors chgrp(1) change file group ownership chkey(1) change user's secure RPC key pair chmod(1) change the permissions mode of a file chown(1) change file ownership chown(1B) change owner chown(1M) change owner chroot(1M) change root directory for a command cimworkshop(1M) start the Sun WBEM CIM WorkShop application ckdate(1) prompts for and validates a date ckgid(1) prompts for and validates a group id SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 11 User Commands Intro(1) ckint(1) display a prompt; verify and return an integer value ckitem(1) build a menu; prompt for and return a menu item ckkeywd(1) prompts for and validates a keyword ckpacct(1M) See acctsh(1M) ckpath(1) display a prompt; verify and return a pathname ckrange(1) prompts for and validates an integer ckstr(1) display a prompt; verify and return a string answer cksum(1) write file checksums and sizes cktime(1) display a prompt; verify and return a time of day ckuid(1) prompts for and validates a user ID ckyorn(1) prompts for and validates yes/no clear(1) clear the terminal screen clear_locks(1M) clear locks held on behalf of an NFS client clinfo(1M) display cluster information closewtmp(1M) See acct(1M) clri(1M) clear inode cmp(1) compare two files cocheck(1F) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 12 User Commands Intro(1) See coproc(1F) cocreate(1F) See coproc(1F) codestroy(1F) See coproc(1F) col(1) reverse line-feeds filter comb(1) See sccs-comb(1) comm(1) select or reject lines common to two files command(1) execute a simple command compress(1) compress, uncompress files or display expanded files comsat(1M) See in.comsat(1M) consadm(1m) select or display devices used as auxiliary console devices continue(1) See break(1) conv_lp(1M) convert LP configuration conv_lpd(1M) convert LPD configuration coproc(1F) communicate with a process coreadm(1M) core file administration coreceive(1F) See coproc(1F) cosend(1F) See coproc(1F) cp(1) copy files SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 13 User Commands Intro(1) cpio(1) copy file archives in and out cpp(1) the C language preprocessor cpustat(1M) monitor system behavior using CPU performance counters cputrack(1) monitor process and LWP behavior using CPU performance counters crash(1M) examine system images crle(1) configure runtime linking environment cron(1M) clock daemon crontab(1) user crontab file crtplot(1B) See plot(1B) crypt(1) encode or decode a file csh(1) shell command interpreter with a C-like syntax csplit(1) split files based on context ct(1C) spawn login to a remote terminal ctags(1) create a tags file for use with ex and vi cu(1C) call another UNIX system cut(1) cut out selected fields of each line of a file cvcd(1M) virtual console daemon SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 14 User Commands Intro(1) date(1) write the date and time dc(1) desk calculator dcopy(1M) See clri(1M) dcs(1M) domain configuration server dd(1M) convert and copy a file deallocate(1M) device deallocation delta(1) See sccs-delta(1) deroff(1) remove nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn constructs devattr(1M) display device attributes devconfig(1M) configure device attributes devfree(1M) release devices from exclusive use devfsadm(1M) administration command for /dev and /devices devfsadmd(1M) See devfsadm(1M) devinfo(1M) print device specific information devlinks(1M) adds /dev entries for miscellaneous devices and pseudo-devices devnm(1M) device name devreserv(1M) reserve devices for exclusive use df(1B) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 15 User Commands Intro(1) display status of disk space on file systems df(1M) displays number of free disk blocks and files df_ufs(1M) report free disk space on ufs file systems dfmounts(1M) display mounted resource information dfmounts_nfs(1M) display mounted NFS resource information dfshares(1M) list available resources from remote or local systems dfshares_nfs(1M) list available NFS resources from remote systems dhcpagent(1M) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client dae- mon dhcpconfig(1M) DHCP service configura dhcpinfo(1) display values of parameters received through DHCP dhcpmgr(1M) graphical interface for managing DHCP service dhtadm(1M) DHCP configuration table management utility diff(1) display line-by-line differences between pairs of text files diff3(1) 3-way differential file comparison diffmk(1) mark differences between versions of a troff input file digestp(1) See mailp(1) dircmp(1) directory comparison SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 16 User Commands Intro(1) dirname(1) See basename(1) dirs(1) See cd(1) dis(1) object code disassembler disable(1) See enable(1) disks(1M) creates /dev entries for hard disks attached to the system diskscan(1M) perform surface analysis dispadmin(1M) process scheduler administration dispgid(1) displays a list of all valid group names dispuid(1) displays a list of all valid user names dmesg(1M) collect system diagnostic messages to form error log dmi_cmd(1M) DMI command line interface utility dmiget(1M) DMI command line retrieval utility dminfo(1M) report information about a device entry in a device maps file dmispd(1M) Sun Solstice Enterprise DMI Service Provider dnskeygen(1M) generate public, private, and shared secret keys for DNS dodisk(1M) See acctsh(1M) domainname(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 17 User Commands Intro(1) set or display name of the current domain dos2unix(1) convert text file from DOS format to ISO format download(1) host resident PostScript font downloader dpost(1) troff postprocessor for PostScript printers dr_daemon(1M) Enterprise 10000 Dynamic Reconfiguration daemon drvconfig(1M) configure the /devices directory dsvclockd(1M) DHCP service lock daemon du(1B) display the number of disk blocks used per directory or file du(1M) summarize disk usage dumbplot(1B) See plot(1B) dump(1) dump selected parts of an object file dumpadm(1M) configure operating system crash dump dumpcs(1) show codeset table for the current locale dumpkeys(1) See loadkeys(1) echo(1) echo arguments echo(1B) echo arguments to standard output echo(1F) put string on virtual output ed(1) text editor SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 18 User Commands Intro(1) edit(1) text editor (variant of ex for casual users) edquota(1M) edit user quotas for ufs file system eeprom(1M) EEPROM display and load utility efdaemon(1M) embedded FCode interpreter daemon egrep(1) search a file for a pattern using full regular expres- sions eject(1) eject media such as CD-ROM and floppy from drive elfdump(1) dump selected parts of an object file enable(1) enable/disable LP printers env(1) set environment for command invocation eqn(1) typeset mathematics test errange(1) See ckrange(1) errdate(1) See ckdate(1) errgid(1) See ckgid(1) errint(1) See ckint(1) erritem(1) See ckitem(1) error(1) insert compiler error messages at right source lines errpath(1) See ckpath(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 19 User Commands Intro(1) errstr(1) See ckstr(1) errtime(1) See cktime(1) erruid(1) See ckuid(1) erryorn(1) See ckyorn(1) eval(1) See exec(1) ex(1) text editor exec(1) shell built-in functions to execute other commands exit(1) shell built-in functions to enable the execution of the shell to advance beyond its sequence of steps expand(1) expand TAB characters to SPACE characters, and vice versa export(1) See set(1) exportfs(1B) translates exportfs options to share/unshare commands expr(1) evaluate arguments as an expression expr(1B) evaluate arguments as a logical, arithmetic, or string expression exstr(1) extract strings from source files face(1) executable for the Framed Access Command Environment Interface factor(1) obtain the prime factors of a number false(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 20 User Commands Intro(1) See true(1) fastboot(1B) reboot/halt the system without checking the disks fasthalt(1B) See fastboot(1B) fbconfig(1M) Frame Buffer configuration utility fc(1) See history(1) fdetach(1M) detach a name from a STREAMS-based file descriptor fdformat(1) format floppy diskette or PCMCIA memory card fdisk(1M) create or modify fixed disk partition table ff(1M) list file names and statistics for a file system ff_ufs(1M) list file names and statistics for a ufs file system ffbconfig(1M) configure the FFB Graphics Accelerator fg(1) See jobs(1) fgrep(1) search a file for a fixed-character string file(1) determine file type file(1B) determine the type of a file by examining its contents filep(1) See mailp(1) filesync(1) synchronize ordinary, directory or special files filofaxp(1) See mailp(1) find(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 21 User Commands Intro(1) find files finger(1) display information about local and remote users fingerd(1M) See in.fingerd(1M) firmware(1M) bootable firmware programs and firmware commands flar(1M) administer flash archives flarcreate(1M) create a flash archive from a master system fmlcut(1F) cut out selected fields of each line of a file fmlexpr(1F) evaluate arguments as an expression fmlgrep(1F) search a file for a pattern fmli(1) invoke FMLI fmt(1) simple text formatters fmthard(1M) populate VTOC on hard disks fmtmsg(1) display a message on stderr or system console fnattr(1) update and examine attributes associated with an FNS named object fnbind(1) Bind a reference to an FNS name fncheck(1M) check for consistency between FNS data and NIS+ data fncopy(1M) copy FNS contexts, possibly from one naming service to another naming service SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 22 User Commands Intro(1) fncreate(1M) create an FNS context fncreate_fs(1M) create FNS file system contexts fncreate_printer(1M) create new printers in the FNS namespace fndestroy(1M) destroy an FNS context fnlist(1) display the names and references bound in an FNS con- text fnlookup(1) display the reference bound to an FNS name fnrename(1) rename the binding of an FNS name fnsearch(1) search for FNS objects with specified attributes fnselect(1M) select a specific naming service to use for the FNS Initial Context fnsypd(1M) update FNS context on an NIS master server fnunbind(1) unbind the reference from an FNS name fold(1) filter for folding lines for(1) shell built-in functions to repeatedly execute action(s) for a selected number of times foreach(1) See for(1) format(1M) disk partitioning and maintenance utility franklinp(1) See mailp(1) from(1B) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 23 User Commands Intro(1) display the sender and date of newly-arrived mail mes- sages fsck(1M) check and repair file systems fsck_cachefs(1M) check integrity of data cached with CacheFS fsck_pcfs(1M) file system consistency check and interactive repair fsck_s5fs(1M) file system consistency check and interactive repair fsck_udfs(1M) file system consistency check and interactive repair fsck_ufs(1M) file system consistency check and interactive repair fsdb(1M) file system debugger fsdb_udfs(1M) udfs file system debugger fsdb_ufs(1M) ufs file system debugger fsirand(1M) install random inode generation numbers fssnap(1M) create temporary snapshots of a file system fssnap_ufs(1M) create a temporary snapshot of a UFS file system fstyp(1M) determine file system type ftp(1) file transfer program ftpd(1M) See in.ftpd(1M) function(1) shell built-in command to define a function which is usable within this shell SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 24 User Commands Intro(1) fuser(1M) identify processes using a file or file structure fwtmp(1M) manipulate connect accounting records gcore(1) get core images of running processes gencat(1) generate a formatted message catalog gencc(1M) create a front-end to the cc command geniconvtbl(1) generate iconv code conversion tables genlayouttbl(1) generate layout table for complex text layout genmsg(1) generate a message source file by extracting messages from source files get(1) See sccs-get(1) getconf(1) get configuration values getdev(1M) lists devices based on criteria getdgrp(1M) lists device groups which contain devices that match criteria getent(1M) get entries from administrative database getfacl(1) display discretionary file information getfrm(1F) returns the current frameID number getitems(1F) returns a list of currently marked menu items getopt(1) parse command options SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 25 User Commands Intro(1) getoptcvt(1) convert to getopts to parse command options getopts(1) parse utility options gettable(1M) get DoD Internet format host table from a host gettext(1) retrieve text string from message database gettxt(1) retrieve a text string from a message database getty(1M) set terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline getvol(1M) verifies device accessibility gigiplot(1B) See plot(1B) glob(1) shell built-in function to expand a word list goto(1) See exit(1) gprof(1) display call-graph profile data graph(1) draw a graph grep(1) search a file for a pattern groupadd(1M) add (create) a new group definition on the system groupdel(1M) delete a group definition from the system groupmod(1M) modify a group definition on the system groups(1) print group membership of user groups(1B) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 26 User Commands Intro(1) display a user's group memberships grpck(1B) check group database entries grpck(1M) See pwck(1M) gsscred(1M) add, remove and list gsscred table entries gssd(1M) generates and validates GSS-API tokens for kernel RPC halt(1M) stop the processor hash(1) evaluate the internal hash table of the contents of directories hashcheck(1) See spell(1) hashmake(1) See spell(1) hashstat(1) See hash(1) head(1) display first few lines of files help(1) See sccs-help(1) helpdate(1) See ckdate(1) helpgid(1) See ckgid(1) helpint(1) See ckint(1) helpitem(1) See ckitem(1) helppath(1) See ckpath(1) helprange(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 27 User Commands Intro(1) See ckrange(1) helpstr(1) See ckstr(1) helptime(1) See cktime(1) helpuid(1) See ckuid(1) helpyorn(1) See ckyorn(1) history(1) process command history list hostconfig(1M) configure a system's host parameters hostid(1) print the numeric identifier of the current host hostname(1) set or print name of current host system hp7221plot(1B) See plot(1B) hpplot(1B) See plot(1B) htable(1M) convert DoD Internet format host table i286(1) See machid(1) i386(1) See machid(1) i486(1) See machid(1) i860(1) See machid(1) iAPX286(1) See machid(1) iconv(1) code set conversion utility SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 28 User Commands Intro(1) id(1M) return user identity if(1) evaluate condition(s) or make execution of actions dependent upon the evaluation of condition(s) if_mpadm(1M) change operational status of interfaces within a mul- tipathing group ifconfig(1M) configure network interface parameters ifparse(1M) parse implot(1B) See plot(1B) in.comsat(1M) biff server in.dhcpd(1M) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server in.fingerd(1M) remote user information server in.ftpd(1M) file transfer protocol server in.lpd(1M) BSD print protocol adaptor in.mpathd(1M) daemon for network adapter ( in.named(1M) Internet domain name server (DNS) in.ndpd(1M) daemon for IPv6 autoconfiguration in.rarpd(1M) DARPA Reverse Address Resolution Protocol server in.rdisc(1M) network router discovery daemon in.rexecd(1M) remote execution server SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 29 User Commands Intro(1) in.ripngd(1M) network routing daemon for IPv6 in.rlogind(1M) remote login server in.routed(1M) network routing daemon in.rshd(1M) remote shell server in.rwhod(1M) system status server in.talkd(1M) server for talk program in.telnetd(1M) DARPA TELNET protocol server in.tftpd(1M) Internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol server in.tnamed(1M) DARPA trivial name server in.uucpd(1M) UUCP server indicator(1F) display application specific alarms and/or the "work- ing" indicator indxbib(1) create an inverted index to a bibliographic database inetd(1M) Internet services daemon infocmp(1M) compare or print out terminfo descriptions init(1M) process control initialization init.wbem(1M) start and stop the CIM Boot Manager install(1B) install files SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 30 User Commands Intro(1) install(1M) install commands install_scripts(1M) scripts used to install the Solaris software installboot(1M) install bootblocks in a disk partition installer(1M) Solaris Web Start installer utility installf(1M) add a file to the software installation database intro(1M) See Intro(1M) iostat(1M) report I/O statistics ipcrm(1) remove a message queue, semaphore set, or shared memory ID ipcs(1) report inter-process communication facilities status ipsecconf(1M) configure system wide IPSEC policy ipseckey(1M) manually manipulate an IPsec Security Association Database (SADB) isainfo(1) describe instruction set architectures isalist(1) display the native instruction sets executable on this platform jobs(1) control process execution join(1) relational database operator jsh(1) See sh(1) kadb(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 31 User Commands Intro(1) a kernel debugger kbd(1) manipulate the state of keyboard, or display the type of keyboard, or change the default keyboard abort sequence effect kdestroy(1) destroy Kerberos tickets kdmconfig(1M) configure or unconfigure keyboard, display, and mouse options for OpenWindows and internationalization kerbd(1M) generates and validates Kerberos tickets for kernel RPC kerberos(1) introduction to the Kerberos system kernel(1M) UNIX system executable file containing basic operating system services keylogin(1) decrypt and store secret key with keyserv keylogout(1) delete stored secret key with keyserv keyserv(1M) server for storing private encryption keys kill(1) terminate or signal processes killall(1M) kill all active processes kinit(1) obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting ticket klist(1) list currently held Kerberos tickets kpasswd(1) change a user's Kerberos password ksh(1) KornShell, a standard/restricted command and program- ming language SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 32 User Commands Intro(1) ksrvtgt(1) fetch and store Kerberos ticket-granting ticket using a service key kstat(1M) display kernel statistics ktkt_warnd(1M) Kerberos warning daemon ktutil(1) Kerberos keytab maintenance utility labelit(1M) list or provide labels for file systems labelit_hsfs(1M) provide and print labels for hsfs file systems labelit_udfs(1M) provide and print labels for udf file systems labelit_ufs(1M) provide and print labels for ufs file systems last(1) display login and logout information about users and terminals lastcomm(1) display the last commands executed, in reverse order lastlogin(1M) See acctsh(1M) ld(1) link-editor for object files ld(1B) link editor, dynamic link editor runtime linker for dynamic objects ldap(1) LDAP as a naming repository ldap_cachemgr(1M) LDAP daemon to cache server and client information for NIS lookups ldap_gen_profile(1M) See ldapclient(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 33 User Commands Intro(1) ldapadd(1) See ldapmodify(1) ldapclient(1M) initialize LDAP client machine or create an LDIF of an LDAP client profile ldapdelete(1) ldap delete entry tool ldaplist(1) search and list naming information from a LDAP direc- tory service ldapmodify(1) ldap entry addition and modification tools ldapmodrdn(1) ldap modify entry RDN tool ldapsearch(1) ldap search tool ldd(1) list dynamic dependencies of executable files or shared objects let(1) shell built-in function to evaluate one or more arith- metic expressions lex(1) generate programs for lexical tasks limit(1) set or get limitations on the system resources avail- able to the current shell and its descendents line(1) read one line link(1M) link and unlink files and directories lint(1B) C program verifier list_devices(1M) list allocatable devices listdgrp(1M) lists members of a device group SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 34 User Commands Intro(1) listen(1M) network listener daemon listusers(1) list user login information llc2_autoconfig(1) generate LLC2 configuration files llc2_config(1) configure LLC2 interface parameters llc2_loop(1M) loopback diagnostics to test the driver, adapter and network. llc2_stats(1) LLC2 Station, SAP, and Connection Statistics ln(1) make hard or symbolic links to files ln(1B) make hard or symbolic links to files loadkeys(1) load and dump keyboard translation tables locale(1) get locale-specific information localedef(1) define locale environment locator(1M) location indicator control lockd(1M) network lock daemon lockfs(1M) change or report file system locks lockstat(1M) report kernel lock and profiling statistics lofiadm(1M) administer files available as block devices through lofi logger(1) add entries to the system log SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 35 User Commands Intro(1) logger(1B) add entries to the system log login(1) sign on to the system logins(1M) list user and system login information logname(1) return user's login name logout(1) shell built-in function to exit from a login session longline(1F) See readfile(1F) look(1) find words in the system dictionary or lines in a sorted list lookbib(1) find references in a bibliographic database lorder(1) find ordering relation for an object or library archive lp(1) submit print request lpadmin(1M) configure the LP print service lpc(1B) line printer control program lpfilter(1M) administer filters used with the LP print service lpforms(1M) administer forms used with the LP print service lpget(1M) get printing configuration lpmove(1M) move print requests lpq(1B) display the content of a print queue SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 36 User Commands Intro(1) lpr(1B) submit print requests lprm(1B) remove print requests from the print queue lpsched(1M) start the LP print service lpset(1M) set printing configuration in /etc/printers.conf or FNS lpshut(1M) stop the LP print service lpstat(1) print information about the status of the print ser- vice lpsystem(1M) register remote systems with the print service lptest(1B) generate line printer ripple pattern lpusers(1M) set printing queue priorities ls(1) list contents of directory ls(1B) list the contents of a directory lu(1M) FMLI-based interface to Live Upgrade functions luactivate(1M) activate a boot environment lucancel(1M) cancel a scheduled Live Upgrade copy/create procedure lucompare(1M) compare boot environments lucreate(1M) create a new boot environment lucurr(1M) display the name of the active boot environment SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 37 User Commands Intro(1) ludelete(1M) delete a boot environment lufslist(1M) list configuration of a boot environment lumake(1M) populate a boot environment lumount(1M) mount or unmount all file systems in a boot environ- ment lurename(1M) change the name of a boot environment lustatus(1M) display status of boot environments luumount(1M) See lumount(1M) luupgrade(1M) installs, upgrades, and performs other functions on software on a boot environment luxadm(1M) administration program for the Sun Enterprise Network Array (SENA), RSM, SPARCstorage Array (SSA) subsys- tems, Sun Fire 880 internal storage subsystem, and individual Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC_AL) dev- ices m4(1) macro processor m64config(1M) configure the M64 Graphics Accelerator mach(1) display the processor type of the current host machid(1) get processor type truth value mail(1) See mailx(1) mail(1) See mailx(1) mail(1B) interactive message processing system SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 38 User Commands Intro(1) mail.local(1M) store mail in a mailbox mailcompat(1) provide SunOS compatibility for Solaris mailbox format mailp(1) frontends to the mp Text to PDL (Printer Description Language) pretty print filter mailq(1) print the mail queue mailstats(1) print statistics collected by sendmail mailx(1) interactive message processing system make(1S) maintain, update, and regenerate related programs and files makedbm(1M) make a dbm file, or get a text file from a dbm file makemap(1M) create database maps for sendmail man(1) find and display reference manual pages mconnect(1) connect to SMTP mail server socket mcs(1) manipulate the comment section of an object file mdb(1) modular debugger mesg(1) permit or deny messages message(1F) puts its arguments on FMLI message line mib2mof(1M) generate MOF file(s) from input SNMP MIB file(s) mibiisa(1M) Sun SNMP Agent SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 39 User Commands Intro(1) mipagent(1M) Mobile IP agent mipagentconfig(1M) configure Mobility IP Agent mipagentstat(1M) show Mobile IP Mobility Agent status mixerctl(1) audio mixer control command line application mkdir(1) make directories mkfifo(1M) make FIFO special file mkfile(1M) create a file mkfs(1M) construct a file system mkfs_pcfs(1M) construct a FAT file system mkfs_udfs(1M) construct a udfs file system mkfs_ufs(1M) construct a ufs file system mkmsgs(1) create message files for use by gettxt mknod(1M) make a special file mkstr(1B) create an error message file by massaging C source files modify_install_server(1M) See install_scripts(1M) modinfo(1M) display information about loaded kernel modules modload(1M) load a kernel module SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 40 User Commands Intro(1) modunload(1M) unload a module mofcomp(1M) compile MOF files into CIM classes monacct(1M) See acctsh(1M) monitor(1M) SPARC system PROM monitor more(1) browse or page through a text file mount(1M) mount or unmount file systems and remote resources mount_cachefs(1M) mount CacheFS file systems mount_hsfs(1M) mount hsfs file systems mount_nfs(1M) mount remote NFS resources mount_pcfs(1M) mount pcfs file systems mount_s5fs(1M) mount s5 file systems mount_tmpfs(1M) mount tmpfs file systems mount_udfs(1M) mount a udfs file system mount_ufs(1M) mount ufs file systems mount_xmemfs(1M) mount xmemfs file systems mountall(1M) mount, unmount multiple file systems mountd(1M) server for NFS mount requests and NFS access checks mp(1) text to PDL (Printer Description Language) pretty SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 41 User Commands Intro(1) print filter mpstat(1M) report per-processor statistics msgfmt(1) create a message object from a message file msgid(1M) generate message IDs mt(1) magnetic tape control mv(1) move files mvdir(1M) move a directory named-bootconf(1M) convert name server configuration files named-xfer(1M) ancillary agent for inbound zone transfers named(1M) See in.named(1M) nawk(1) pattern scanning and processing language nca(1) the Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA) ncab2clf(1) convert binary log file to Common Log File format ncaconfd(1M) Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA) configura- tion daemon ncad(1M) Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA) door server daemon ncakmod(1) start or stop the NCA kernel module ncheck(1M) generate a list of path names versus i-numbers ncheck_ufs(1M) generate pathnames versus i-numbers for ufs file SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 42 User Commands Intro(1) systems ndc(1M) name daemon control program ndd(1M) get and set driver configuration parameters neqn(1) See eqn(1) netscape(1) start Netscape Communicator for Solaris netstat(1M) show network status newaliases(1) rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file newform(1) change the format of a text file newfs(1M) construct a new UFS file system newgrp(1) log in to a new group newkey(1M) create a new Diffie-Hellman key pair in the publickey database news(1) print news items newsp(1) See mailp(1) newtask(1) create new task nfsd(1M) NFS daemon nfslogd(1M) nfs logging daemon nfsstat(1M) NFS statistics nice(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 43 User Commands Intro(1) invoke a command with an altered scheduling priority nis+(1) a new version of the network information name service nis(1) See nis+(1) nis_cachemgr(1M) NIS+ utility to cache location information about NIS+ servers nisaddcred(1M) create NIS+ credentials nisaddent(1M) create NIS+ tables from corresponding /etc files or NIS maps nisauthconf(1M) configure NIS+ security nisbackup(1M) backup NIS+ directories niscat(1) display NIS+ tables and objects nischgrp(1) change the group owner of a NIS+ object nischmod(1) change access rights on a NIS+ object nischown(1) change the owner of a NIS+ object nischttl(1) change the time to live value of a NIS+ object nisclient(1M) initialize NIS+ credentials for NIS+ principals nisd(1M) See rpc.nisd(1M) nisd_resolv(1M) See rpc.nisd_resolv(1M) nisdefaults(1) display NIS+ default values SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 44 User Commands Intro(1) niserror(1) display NIS+ error messages nisgrep(1) See nismatch(1) nisgrpadm(1) NIS+ group administration command nisinit(1M) NIS+ client and server initialization utility nisln(1) symbolically link NIS+ objects nislog(1M) display the contents of the NIS+ transaction log nisls(1) list the contents of a NIS+ directory nismatch(1) utilities for searching NIS+ tables nismkdir(1) create NIS+ directories nisopaccess(1) NIS+ operation access control administration command nispasswd(1) change NIS+ password information nispasswdd(1M) See rpc.nispasswdd(1M) nisping(1M) send ping to NIS+ servers nispopulate(1M) populate the NIS+ tables in a NIS+ domain nisprefadm(1M) NIS+ utility to set server preferences for NIS+ clients nisrestore(1M) restore NIS+ directory backup nisrm(1) remove NIS+ objects from the namespace SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 45 User Commands Intro(1) nisrmdir(1) remove NIS+ directories nisserver(1M) set up NIS+ servers. nissetup(1M) initialize a NIS+ domain nisshowcache(1M) NIS+ utility to print out the contents of the shared cache file nisstat(1M) report NIS+ server statistics nistbladm(1) NIS+ table administration command nistest(1) return the state of the NIS+ namespace using a condi- tional expression nisupdkeys(1M) update the public keys in a NIS+ directory object nl(1) line numbering filter nlsadmin(1M) network listener service administration nm(1) print name list of an object file nohup(1) run a command immune to hangups notify(1) See jobs(1) nroff(1) format documents for display or line-printer nscd(1M) name service cache daemon nslookup(1M) query name servers interactively nstest(1M) DNS test shell nsupdate(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 46 User Commands Intro(1) update Internet name servers interactively ntpdate(1M) set the date and time by way of NTP ntpq(1M) standard Network Time Protocol query program ntptrace(1M) trace a chain of NTP hosts back to their master time source nulladm(1M) See acctsh(1M) obpsym(1M) Kernel Symbolic Debugging for OpenBoot Firmware ocfserv(1M) OCF server od(1) octal dump on(1) execute a command on a remote system, but with the local environment onintr(1) See trap(1) optisa(1) determine which variant instruction set is optimal to use pack(1) compress and expand files page(1) See more(1) pagesize(1) display the size of a page of memory parse_dynamic_clustertoc(1M) parse clustertoc file based on dynamic entries passmgmt(1M) password files management passwd(1) change login password and password attributes paste(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 47 User Commands Intro(1) merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files patch(1) apply changes to files patchadd(1M) apply a patch package to a Solaris 2 or Solaris 7 sys- tem patchrm(1M) remove a Solaris 2 or Solaris 7 patch package and restore previously saved files pathchk(1) check path names pathconv(1F) search FMLI criteria for filename pax(1) portable archive interchange pbind(1M) control and query bindings of processes to processors pcat(1) See pack(1) pcmciad(1M) PCMCIA user daemon pcred(1) See proc(1) pdp11(1) See machid(1) perl(1) Practical Extraction and Report Language pfcsh(1) See pfexec(1) pfexec(1) execute a command in a profile pfiles(1) See proc(1) pfinstall(1M) tests installation profiles SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 48 User Commands Intro(1) pfksh(1) See pfexec(1) pflags(1) See proc(1) pfsh(1) See pfexec(1) pg(1) files perusal filter for CRTs pgrep(1) find or signal processes by name and other attributes pgxconfig(1M) configure the PGX32 (Raptor GFX) Graphics Accelerator picld(1M) PICL daemon ping(1M) send ICMP (ICMP6) ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts pkgadd(1M) transfer software packages to the system pkgask(1M) stores answers to a request script pkgchk(1M) check package installation accuracy pkginfo(1) display software package information pkgmk(1) produce an installable package pkgparam(1) display package parameter values pkgproto(1) generate prototype file entries for input to pkgmk command pkgrm(1M) remove a package from the system pkgtrans(1) translate package format SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 49 User Commands Intro(1) pkill(1) See pgrep(1) pldd(1) See proc(1) plimit(1) get or set the resource limits of running processes plot(1B) graphics filters for various plotters plottoa(1B) See plot(1B) pmadm(1M) port monitor administration pmap(1) See proc(1) pmconfig(1M) Configure the Power Management system pntadm(1M) DHCP network table management utility popd(1) See cd(1) ports(1M) creates /dev entries and inittab entries for serial lines postdaisy(1) PostScript translator for Diablo 630 daisy-wheel files postdmd(1) PostScript translator for DMD bitmap files postio(1) serial interface for PostScript printers postmd(1) matrix display program for PostScript printers postplot(1) PostScript translator for plot(4B) graphics files postprint(1) PostScript translator for text files SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 50 User Commands Intro(1) postreverse(1) reverse the page order in a PostScript file posttek(1) PostScript translator for Tektronix 4014 files powerd(1M) Power manager daemon poweroff(1M) See halt(1M) pppd(1M) point to point protocol daemon pppoec(1M) PPPoE chat utility pppoed(1M) PPPoE server daemon pppstats(1M) print PPP statistics pr(1) print files praliases(1) display system mail aliases praudit(1M) print contents of an audit trail file prctmp(1M) See acctsh(1M) prdaily(1M) See acctsh(1M) prex(1) control tracing and manipulate probe points in a pro- cess or the kernel print(1) shell built-in function to output characters to the screen or window printenv(1B) display environment variables currently set printf(1) write formatted output SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 51 User Commands Intro(1) printmgr(1M) Solaris Print Manager is a graphical user interface for managing printers in a network priocntl(1) display or set scheduling parameters of specified process(es) proc(1) proc tools prodreg(1M) GUI viewer for Solaris Product Registry prof(1) display profile data profiles(1) print execution profiles for a user projadd(1M) administer a new project on the system projdel(1M) delete a project from the system projects(1) print project membership of user projmod(1M) modify a project's information on the system prs(1) See sccs-prs(1) prstat(1M) report active process statistics prt(1) See sccs-prt(1) prtacct(1M) See acctsh(1M) prtconf(1M) print system configuration prtdiag(1M) display system diagnostic information prtfru(1M) print FRUID-specific information about the FRUs on a SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 52 User Commands Intro(1) system or domain prtpicl(1M) print PICL tree prtvtoc(1M) report information about a disk geometry and parti- tioning prun(1) See proc(1) ps(1) report process status ps(1B) display the status of current processes psig(1) See proc(1) psradm(1M) change processor operational status psrinfo(1M) displays information about processors psrset(1M) creation and management of processor sets pstack(1) See proc(1) pstop(1) See proc(1) ptime(1) See proc(1) ptree(1) See proc(1) pushd(1) See cd(1) putdev(1M) edits device table putdgrp(1M) edits device group table pvs(1) display the internal version information of dynamic SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 53 User Commands Intro(1) objects pwait(1) See proc(1) pwck(1M) password/group file checkers pwconv(1M) installs and updates /etc/shadow with information from /etc/passwd pwd(1) return working directory name pwdx(1) See proc(1) quot(1M) summarize file system ownership quota(1M) display a user's ufs file system disk quota and usage quotacheck(1M) ufs file system quota consistency checker quotaoff(1M) See quotaon(1M) quotaon(1M) turn ufs file system quotas on and off ranlib(1) convert archives to random libraries rarpd(1M) See in.rarpd(1M) rcp(1) remote file copy rdate(1M) set system date from a remote host rdisc(1M) See in.rdisc(1M) rdist(1) remote file distribution program re-preinstall(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 54 User Commands Intro(1) installs the JumpStart software on a system read(1) read a line from standard input readfile(1F) reads file, gets longest line readonly(1) shell built-in function to protect the value of the given variable from reassignment reboot(1M) restart the operating system red(1) See ed(1) refer(1) expand and insert references from a bibliographic database regcmp(1) regular expression compile regex(1F) match patterns against a string rehash(1) See hash(1) reinit(1F) runs an initialization file reject(1M) See accept(1M) rem_drv(1M) remove a device driver from the system remote_shell(1) See rsh(1) removef(1M) remove a file from software database remsh(1) See rsh(1) renice(1) alter priority of running processes SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 55 User Commands Intro(1) repeat(1) See for(1) repquota(1M) summarize quotas for a ufs file system reset(1B) See tset(1B) reset(1F) reset the current form field to its default values restricted_shell(1M) See rsh(1M) return(1) See exit(1) rexd(1M) See rpc.rexd(1M) rexecd(1M) See in.rexecd(1M) rksh(1) See ksh(1) rlogin(1) remote login rlogind(1M) See in.rlogind(1M) rm(1) remove directory entries rm_install_client(1M) See install_scripts(1M) rmail(1) See mail(1) rmdel(1) See sccs-rmdel(1) rmdir(1) See rm(1) rmformat(1) removable rewritable media format utility rmmount(1M) removable media mounter for CD-ROM and floppy SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 56 User Commands Intro(1) rmt(1M) remote magtape protocol module roffbib(1) format and print a bibliographic database roleadd(1M) administer a new role account on the system roledel(1M) delete a role's login from the system rolemod(1M) modify a role's login information on the system roles(1) print roles granted to a user route(1M) manually manipulate the routing tables routed(1M) See in.routed(1M) rpc.bootparamd(1M) boot parameter server rpc.nisd(1M) NIS+ service daemon rpc.nisd_resolv(1M) NIS+ service daemon rpc.nispasswdd(1M) NIS+ password update daemon rpc.rexd(1M) RPC-based remote execution server rpc.rstatd(1M) kernel statistics server rpc.rusersd(1M) network username server rpc.rwalld(1M) network rwall server rpc.sprayd(1M) spray server rpc.yppasswdd(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 57 User Commands Intro(1) server for modifying NIS password file rpc.ypupdated(1M) server for changing NIS information rpcbind(1M) universal addresses to RPC program number mapper rpcgen(1) an RPC protocol compiler rpcinfo(1M) report RPC information rpld(1M) Network Booting RPL (Remote Program Load) Server rquotad(1M) remote quota server rsh(1) remote shell rsh(1M) restricted shell command interpreter rshd(1M) See in.rshd(1M) rstatd(1M) See rpc.rstatd(1M) rtc(1M) provide all real-time clock and GMT-lag management run(1F) run an executable runacct(1M) run daily accounting rup(1) show host status of remote machines (RPC version) rup(1C) show host status of remote machines (RPC version) ruptime(1) show host status of local machines rusage(1B) print resource usage for a command SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 58 User Commands Intro(1) rusers(1) who is logged in on remote machines rusersd(1M) See rpc.rusersd(1M) rwall(1M) write to all users over a network rwalld(1M) See rpc.rwalld(1M) rwho(1) who is logged in on local machines rwhod(1M) See in.rwhod(1M) sa1(1M) See sar(1M) sa2(1M) See sar(1M) sac(1M) service access controller sacadm(1M) service access controller administration sact(1) See sccs-sact(1) sadc(1M) See sar(1M) sadmind(1M) distributed system administration daemon saf(1M) Service Access Facility sag(1) system activity graph sar(1) system activity reporter sar(1M) system activity report package savecore(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 59 User Commands Intro(1) save a crash dump of the operating system sccs-admin(1) create and administer SCCS history files sccs-cdc(1) change the delta commentary of an SCCS delta sccs-comb(1) combine SCCS deltas sccs-delta(1) make a delta to an SCCS file sccs-get(1) retrieve a version of an SCCS file sccs-help(1) ask for help regarding SCCS error or warning messages sccs-prs(1) display selected portions of an SCCS history sccs-prt(1) display delta table information from an SCCS file sccs-rmdel(1) remove a delta from an SCCS file sccs-sact(1) show editing activity status of an SCCS file sccs-sccsdiff(1) compare two versions of an SCCS file sccs-unget(1) undo a previous get of an SCCS file sccs-val(1) validate an SCCS file sccs(1) front end for the Source Code Control System (SCCS) sccsdiff(1) See sccs-sccsdiff(1) sckmd(1M) Sun Fire 15000 key management daemon script(1) make record of a terminal session SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 60 User Commands Intro(1) sdiff(1) print differences between two files side-by-side sed(1) stream editor sed(1B) stream editor select(1) See case(1) sendmail(1M) send mail over the internet set(1) shell built-in functions to determine the characteris- tics for environmental variables of the current shell and its descendents set(1F) set and unset local or global environment variables setcolor(1F) redefine or create a color setenv(1) See set(1) setfacl(1) modify the Access Control List (ACL) for a file or files settime(1) See touch(1) setuname(1M) change machine information setup_install_server(1M) See install_scripts(1M) sf880drd(1M) Sun Fire 880 Dynamic Reconfiguration daemon sh(1) standard and job control shell and command interpreter share(1M) make local resource available for mounting by remote systems share_nfs(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 61 User Commands Intro(1) make local NFS file systems available for mounting by remote systems shareall(1M) share, unshare multiple resources shell(1F) run a command using shell shell_builtins(1) shell command interpreter built-in functions shift(1) shell built-in function to traverse either a shell's argument list or a list of field-separated words showmount(1M) show all remote mounts showrev(1M) show machine and software revision information shutacct(1M) See acctsh(1M) shutdown(1B) close down the system at a given time shutdown(1M) shut down system, change system state size(1) print section sizes in bytes of object files sleep(1) suspend execution for an interval slpd(1M) Service Location Protocol Daemon smart2cfg(1) Compaq Smart-2 EISA/PCI and Smart-2SL PCI Array Con- troller ioctl utility smartcard(1M) configure and administer a smartcard smattrpop(1M) populate security attribute databases in a name ser- vice smc(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 62 User Commands Intro(1) start the Solaris Management Console smcconf(1M) configure the Solaris Management Console smcron(1M) manage jobs in the crontab database smdiskless(1M) manage diskless client support for a server smexec(1M) manage entries in the exec_attr database smgroup(1M) manage group entries smmaillist(1M) manage email alias entries smmultiuser(1M) manage bulk operations on user accounts smosservice(1M) manage OS services smprofile(1M) manage profiles in the prof_attr and exec_attr data- bases smrole(1M) manage roles and users in role accounts smrsh(1M) restricted shell for sendmail smuser(1M) manage user entries snca(1) See nca(1) snmpXdmid(1M) Sun Solstice Enterprise SNMP-DMI mapper subagent snmpdx(1M) Sun Solstice Enterprise Master Agent snoop(1M) capture and inspect network packets soconfig(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 63 User Commands Intro(1) configure transport providers for use by sockets soelim(1) resolve and eliminate .so requests from nroff or troff input soladdapp(1M) add an application to the Solstice application regis- try soldelapp(1M) remove an application from the Solstice application registry solregis(1) Solaris user registration solstice(1M) access system administration tools with a graphical user interface sort(1) sort, merge, or sequence check text files sortbib(1) sort a bibliographic database sotruss(1) trace shared library procedure calls source(1) See exec(1) sparc(1) See machid(1) spell(1) report spelling errors spellin(1) See spell(1) spline(1) interpolate smooth curve split(1) split a file into pieces sppptun(1M) PPP tunneling driver utility spray(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 64 User Commands Intro(1) spray packets sprayd(1M) See rpc.sprayd(1M) srchtxt(1) display contents of, or search for a text string in, message data bases ssaadm(1M) administration program for SPARCstorage Array and SPARCstorage RSM disk systems startup(1M) See acctsh(1M) statd(1M) network status monitor stop(1) See jobs(1) strace(1M) print STREAMS trace messages strchg(1) change or query stream configuration strclean(1M) STREAMS error logger cleanup program strconf(1) See strchg(1) strerr(1M) STREAMS error logger daemon strings(1) find printable strings in an object or binary file strip(1) strip symbol table, debugging and line number informa- tion from an object file stty(1) set the options for a terminal stty(1B) set the options for a terminal sttydefs(1M) maintain line settings and hunt sequences for TTY SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 65 User Commands Intro(1) ports su(1M) become super user or another user sulogin(1M) access single-user mode sum(1) print checksum and block count for a file sum(1B) calculate a checksum for a file sun(1) See machid(1) suninstall(1M) install the Solaris environment suspend(1) shell built-in function to halt the current shell swap(1M) swap administrative interface switch(1) See case(1) swmtool(1M) install, upgrade, and remove software packages sxconfig(1M) configure contiguous memory for the SX video subsystem symorder(1) rearrange a list of symbols sync(1M) update the super block syncinit(1M) set serial line interface operating parameters syncloop(1M) synchronous serial loopback test program syncstat(1M) report driver statistics from a synchronous serial link sys-unconfig(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 66 User Commands Intro(1) undo a system's configuration sysV-make(1) maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs sysdef(1M) output system definition syseventconfd(1M) kernel system event command invocation daemon syseventd(1M) kernel system event notification daemon sysidconfig(1M) execute system configuration applications, or define set of system configuration applications sysidnet(1M) See sysidtool(1M) sysidns(1M) See sysidtool(1M) sysidpm(1M) See sysidtool(1M) sysidroot(1M) See sysidtool(1M) sysidsys(1M) See sysidtool(1M) sysidtool(1M) system configuration syslogd(1M) log system messages t300(1) See tplot(1) t300(1B) See plot(1B) t300s(1) See tplot(1) t300s(1B) See plot(1B) t4013(1B) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 67 User Commands Intro(1) See plot(1B) t4014(1) See tplot(1) t450(1) See tplot(1) t450(1B) See plot(1B) tabs(1) set tabs on a terminal tail(1) deliver the last part of a file talk(1) talk to another user talkd(1M) See in.talkd(1M) tapes(1M) creates /dev entries for tape drives attached to the system tar(1) create tape archives and add or extract files taskstat(1M) prints ASET tasks status tbl(1) format tables for nroff or troff tcopy(1) copy a magnetic tape tcxconfig(1M) configure the default linearity of the 24-bit TrueColor Visual for OpenWindows on a system with an S24 frame buffer (TCX) tee(1) replicate the standard output tek(1) See tplot(1) tek(1B) See plot(1B) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 68 User Commands Intro(1) telinit(1M) See init(1M) telnet(1) user interface to a remote system using the TELNET protocol telnetd(1M) See in.telnetd(1M) test(1) See if(1) test(1B) condition evaluation command test(1F) condition evaluation command tftp(1) trivial file transfer program tftpd(1M) See in.tftpd(1M) tic(1M) terminfo compiler time(1) time a simple command timemanp(1) See mailp(1) times(1) shell built-in function to report time usages of the current shell timesysp(1) See mailp(1) timex(1) time a command; report process data and system activity tip(1) connect to remote system tnamed(1M) See in.tnamed(1M) tnfdump(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 69 User Commands Intro(1) convert binary TNF file to ASCII tnfxtract(1) extract kernel probes output into a trace file touch(1) change file access and modification times touch(1B) change file access and modification times tplot(1) graphics filters for various plotters tput(1) initialize a terminal or query terminfo database tr(1) translate characters tr(1B) translate characters traceroute(1M) print the route packets take to network host trap(1) shell built-in functions to respond to (hardware) sig- nals troff(1) typeset or format documents true(1) provide truth values truss(1) trace system calls and signals tset(1B) establish or restore terminal characteristics tsort(1) topological sort tty(1) return user's terminal name ttyadm(1M) format and output port monitor-specific information ttymon(1M) port monitor for terminal ports SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 70 User Commands Intro(1) tunefs(1M) tune up an existing file system turnacct(1M) See acctsh(1M) type(1) write a description of command type typeset(1) shell built-in functions to set/get attributes and values for shell variables and functions u370(1) See machid(1) u3b(1) See machid(1) u3b15(1) See machid(1) u3b2(1) See machid(1) u3b5(1) See machid(1) uadmin(1M) administrative control ucblinks(1B) adds /dev entries to give SunOS 4.x compatible names to SunOS 5.x devices ufsdump(1M) incremental file system dump ufsrestore(1M) incremental file system restore ul(1) do underlining ulimit(1) See limit(1) umask(1) get or set the file mode creation mask umount(1M) See mount(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 71 User Commands Intro(1) umountall(1M) See mountall(1M) unalias(1) See alias(1) uname(1) print name of current system uncompress(1) See compress(1) unexpand(1) See expand(1) unget(1) See sccs-unget(1) unhash(1) See hash(1) unifdef(1) resolve and remove ifdef'ed lines from C program source uniq(1) report or filter out repeated lines in a file units(1) converts quantities expressed in standard scales to other scales unix2dos(1) convert text file from ISO format to DOS format unlimit(1) See limit(1) unlink(1M) See link(1M) unpack(1) See pack(1) unset(1) See set(1) unset(1F) See set(1F) unsetenv(1) See set(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 72 User Commands Intro(1) unshare(1M) make local resource unavailable for mounting by remote systems unshare_nfs(1M) make local NFS file systems unavailable for mounting by remote systems unshareall(1M) See shareall(1M) until(1) See while(1) uptime(1) show how long the system has been up useradd(1M) administer a new user login on the system userdel(1M) delete a user's login from the system usermod(1M) modify a user's login information on the system users(1B) display a compact list of users logged in utmp2wtmp(1M) See acct(1M) utmpd(1M) utmp and utmpx monitoring daemon uucheck(1M) check the uucp directories and permissions file uucico(1M) file transport program for the uucp system uucleanup(1M) uucp spool directory clean-up uucp(1C) UNIX-to-UNIX system copy uucpd(1M) See in.uucpd(1M) uudecode(1C) See uuencode(1C) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 73 User Commands Intro(1) uuencode(1C) encode a binary file, or decode its encoded represen- tation uuglist(1C) print the list of service grades that are available on this UNIX system uulog(1C) See uucp(1C) uuname(1C) See uucp(1C) uupick(1C) See uuto(1C) uusched(1M) uucp file transport program scheduler uustat(1C) uucp status inquiry and job control uuto(1C) public UNIX-to-UNIX system file copy uutry(1M) See Uutry(1M) uux(1C) UNIX-to-UNIX system command execution uuxqt(1M) execute remote command requests vacation(1) reply to mail automatically val(1) See sccs-val(1) valdate(1) See ckdate(1) valgid(1) See ckgid(1) valint(1) See ckint(1) valpath(1) See ckpath(1) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 74 User Commands Intro(1) valrange(1) See ckrange(1) valstr(1) See ckstr(1) valtime(1) See cktime(1) valuid(1) See ckuid(1) valyorn(1) See ckyorn(1) vax(1) See machid(1) vc(1) version control vedit(1) See vi(1) ver(1) See tplot(1) vgrind(1) grind nice program listings vi(1) screen-oriented (visual) display editor based on ex view(1) See vi(1) vipw(1B) edit the password file vmstat(1M) report virtual memory statistics volcancel(1) cancel user's request for removable media that is not currently in drive volcheck(1) checks for media in a drive and by default checks all floppy media volcopy(1M) make an image copy of file system volcopy_ufs(1M) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 75 User Commands Intro(1) make an image copy of a ufs file system vold(1M) Volume Management daemon to manage CD-ROM and floppy, ZIP/JAZ and DVD-ROM devices volmissing(1) notify user that volume requested is not in the CD-ROM or floppy drive volrmmount(1) call rmmount to mount or unmount media vplot(1B) See plot(1B) vsig(1F) synchronize a co-process with the controlling FMLI application w(1) display information about currently logged-in users wait(1) await process completion wall(1M) write to all users wbemadmin(1M) start Sun WBEM User Manager wbemconfig(1M) convert a JavaSpaces datastore to the newer Reliable Log datastore format wbemlogviewer(1M) start WBEM Log Viewer wc(1) display a count of lines, words and characters in a file what(1) extract SCCS version information from a file whatis(1) display a one-line summary about a keyword whence(1) See typeset(1) whereis(1B) locate the binary, source, and manual page files for a SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 76 User Commands Intro(1) command which(1) locate a command; display its pathname or alias while(1) shell built-in functions to repetitively execute a set of actions while/until conditions are evaluated TRUE who(1) who is on the system whoami(1B) display the effective current username whocalls(1) report on the calls to a specific procedure. whodo(1M) who is doing what whois(1) Internet user name directory service wracct(1M) write extended accounting records for active processes and tasks write(1) write to another user wrsmconf(1M) manage WCI RSM controller configurations wrsmstat(1M) report WCI RSM driver statistics wtmpfix(1M) See fwtmp(1M) xargs(1) construct argument lists and invoke utility xgettext(1) extract gettext call strings from C programs xntpd(1M) Network Time Protocol daemon xntpdc(1M) special NTP query program SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 77 User Commands Intro(1) xstr(1) extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings yacc(1) yet another compiler-compiler ypbind(1M) NIS binder process ypcat(1) print values in a NIS database ypinit(1M) set up NIS client ypmake(1M) rebuild NIS database ypmatch(1) print the value of one or more keys from a NIS map yppasswd(1) change your network password in the NIS database yppasswdd(1M) See rpc.yppasswdd(1M) yppoll(1M) return current version of a NIS map at a NIS server host yppush(1M) force propagation of changed NIS map ypserv(1M) NIS server and binder processes ypset(1M) point ypbind at a particular server ypstart(1M) Start and stop NIS services ypstop(1M) See ypstart(1M) ypupdated(1M) See rpc.ypupdated(1M) ypwhich(1) return name of NIS server or map master SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 78 User Commands Intro(1) ypxfr(1M) transfer NIS map from a NIS server to host ypxfr_1perday(1M) See ypxfr(1M) ypxfr_1perhour(1M) See ypxfr(1M) ypxfr_2perday(1M) See ypxfr(1M) ypxfrd(1M) See ypserv(1M) zcat(1) See compress(1) zdump(1M) time zone dumper zic(1M) time zone compiler SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Nov 2001 79