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Maintenance Commands                                   htable(1M)


htable - convert DoD Internet format host table


/usr/sbin/htable filename


htable converts a host table in the format specified by RFC 952 to the format used by the network library routines. Three files are created as a result of running htable: hosts, networks, and gateways. The hosts file is used by the gethostbyname(3NSL) routines in mapping host names to addresses. The networks file is used by the getnetbyname(3SOCKET) routines in mapping network names to numbers. The gateways file is used by the routing daemon to identify "passive" Internet gateways. If any of the files localhosts, localnetworks, or localgate- ways are present in the current directory, the file's con- tents is prepended to the output file without interpreta- tion. This allows sites to maintain local aliases and entries which are not normally present in the master data- base. htable is best used in conjunction with the gettable(1M) program which retrieves the DoD Internet host table from a host.


localhosts localnetworks localgateways


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | Availability | SUNWnisu | |_____________________________|_____________________________|


gettable(1M), gethostbyname(3NSL), getnetbyname(3SOCKET), attributes(5) Harrenstien, Ken, Mary Stahl, and Elizabeth Feinler, DoD Internet Host Table Specification, RFC 952, Network Information Center, SRI International, Menlo Park, California, October 1985. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Sep 1992 1 Maintenance Commands htable(1M)


htable does not properly calculate the gateways file. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 14 Sep 1992 2