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Maintenance Commands                                     fsdb(1M)


fsdb - file system debugger


fsdb [ -F FSType ] [ -V ] [ -o FSType-specific_options ] special


fsdb is a file system debugger that allows for the manual repair of a file system after a crash. special is a spe- cial device used to indicate the file system to be debugged. fsdb is intended for experienced users only. FSType is the file system type to be debugged. Since dif- ferent FSTypes have different structures and hence different debugging capabilities, the manual pages for the FSType- specific fsdb should be consulted for a more detailed description of the debugging capabilities.


-F Specify the FSType on which to operate. The FSType should either be specified here or be determinable from /etc/vfstab by matching the special with an entry in the table, or by consulting /etc/default/fs. -V Echo the complete command line, but do not execute the command. The command line is generated by using the options and arguments provided by the user and adding to them information derived from /etc/vfstab. This option may be used to verify and validate the command line. -o Specify FSType-specific options.


See largefile(5) for the description of the behavior of fsdb when encountering files greater than or equal to 2 Gbyte ( 2 **31 bytes).


/etc/default/fs default local file system type. Default values can be set for the following flags in /etc/default/fs. For example: LOCAL=ufs LOCAL: The default partition for a command if no FSType is specified. /etc/vfstab list of default parameters for each file system SunOS 5.8 Last change: 16 Sep 1996 1 Maintenance Commands fsdb(1M)


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | Availability | SUNWcsu | |_____________________________|_____________________________|


vfstab(4), attributes(5), largefile(5) Manual pages for the FSType-specific modules of fsdb.


This command may not be supported for all FSTypes. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 16 Sep 1996 2