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Maintenance Commands                                   fncopy(1M)


fncopy - copy FNS contexts, possibly from one naming service to another naming service


fncopy [ -f filename ] [ -i old-naming-service ] [ -o new-naming-service ] old-fns-context new-fns-context


fncopy copies recursively the FNS context, old-fns-context, and attributes to a new FNS context, new-fns-context. If -i and -o options are specified with the respective naming ser- vice, the old-fns-context with be resolved using old- naming-service as the underlying naming service, and new- fns-context will be created using new-naming-service as the underlying naming service. In the absence of -i and -o options, the default naming service will be used (see fnselect(1M)). When the -f option is used, filename names a file containing a list of contexts in the old-fns-context that should be copied to the new-fns-context. If the FNS context new-fns-context already exists in the target naming service, new-naming-service, this command will copy only the contexts and bindings that do not exist in the target naming service. This command will not over-write any of the existing FNS contexts in the target naming service. This command follows links and copies FNS contexts and binding to the new-fns-context namespace.


-f filename Specifies a file name that contains a list of FNS con- texts to be copied. -i old-naming-service Specifies the source naming service; currently only nis is supported. -o new-naming-service Specifies the target naming service; currently only nisplus is supported.


The following operands are supported: old-fns-context The current FNS context. new-fns-context SunOS 5.8 Last change: 21 Jul 1996 1 Maintenance Commands fncopy(1M) The new FNS context.


Example 1: Using the fncopy command For example, the command eg% fncopy .../ \ .../ will copy the FNS printer context .../fed- and its subcontexts and bindings to the FNS printer context .../ In the following example, eg% fncopy -i nis -o nisplus -f /etc/ssi-users-list \ thisorgunit/user org/ssi.eng/user will copy the NIS FNS users' contexts specified in the file /etc/ssi-users-list to NIS+ FNS users' context of the orgunit ssi.eng.


0 Operation was successful. 1 Operation failed.


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | Availability | SUNWfns | |_____________________________|_____________________________|


fnbind(1), fnunbind(1), fncreate(1M), fncreate_fs(1M), fncreate_printer(1M), fndestroy(1M), attributes(5), fns(5) SunOS 5.8 Last change: 21 Jul 1996 2