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User Commands                                          apropos(1)


apropos - locate commands by keyword lookup


apropos keyword ...


The apropos utility displays the man page name, section number, and a short description for each man page whose NAME line contains keyword. This information is contained in the /usr/share/man/windex database created by catman(1M). If catman(1M) was not run, or was run with the -n option, apro- pos fails. Each word is considered separately and the case of letters is ignored. Words which are part of other words are considered; for example, when looking for `compile', apropos finds all instances of `compiler' also. apropos is actually just the -k option to the man(1) com- mand.


Example 1: To find a man page whose NAME line contains a keyword Try example% apropos password and example% apropos editor If the line starts `filename(section) ...' you can run man -s section filename to display the man page for filename. Example 2: To find the man page for the subroutine printf() Try example% apropos format and then example% man -s 3s printf to get the manual page on the subroutine printf().


/usr/share/man/windex table of contents and keyword database SunOS 5.8 Last change: 20 Dec 1996 1 User Commands apropos(1)


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | Availability | SUNWdoc | |_____________________________|_____________________________| | CSI | Enabled | |_____________________________|_____________________________|


man(1), whatis(1), catman(1M), attributes(5)


/usr/share/man/windex: No such file or directory This database does not exist. catman(1M) must be run to create it. SunOS 5.8 Last change: 20 Dec 1996 2