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socketpair (2)

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socketpair - create a pair of connected sockets


#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>

socketpair(int d, int type, int protocol, int *sv);


The socketpair() call creates an unnamed pair of connected sockets in the specified domain d, of the specified type, and using the optionally specified protocol. The descriptors used in referencing the new sockets are returned in sv[0] and sv[1]. The two sockets are indistinguishable.


A 0 is returned if the call succeeds, -1 if it fails.


The call succeeds unless:

Too many descriptors are in use by this process.

The specified address family is not supported on this machine.

[EPROTONOSUPPORT] The specified protocol is not supported on this machine.

The specified protocol does not support creation of socket pairs.

The address sv does not specify a valid part of the process address space.

See Also

read(2) , write(2) , pipe(2)


This call is currently implemented only for the UNIX domain.


The socketpair() function call appeared in 4.2BSD.

Table of Contents