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MAKEWHATIS(1)		FreeBSD General Commands Manual 	 MAKEWHATIS(1)


makewhatis - create whatis database


makewhatis [-a | -append] [-h | -help] [-i | -indent column] [-L | -locale] [-n | -name name] [-o | -outfile file] [-v | -verbose] [directories ...]


makewhatis extracts the name and a short description from unformatted manpages and creates the whatis(1) database. makewhatis can read gzip'ed manpages. Directory names a directory containing manpage subdirectories (named man.+). Colons are treated as spaces, hence makewhatis $MANPATH or makewhatis `manpath` are allowed.


-a, -append Append mode. Don't delete old entries in whatis database. Note: the new database will be sorted without repeated lines and makewhatis does not check if old entries are valid. -h, -help Print options and exit. -i, -indent column Justify description strings to column (default 24). -L, -locale Sense locale environment variables for possible localized man subdirectories and process this entries only. -n, -name name Use name instead of whatis. -o, -outfile file Write all output to file instead of dirname/whatis. -v, -verbose Issue more warnings (to stderr). For every parsed man page write a single char: `.' for an uncompressed page, `*' for a compressed page, and `+' for a link.


makewhatis $MANPATH Create whatis database for all directories in your $MANPATH. makewhatis -outfile /tmp/mywhatis /usr/local/man $HOME/man Create whatis database /tmp/mywhatis. Traverse directories /usr/local/man and $HOME/man. Don't create /usr/local/man/whatis or $HOME/man/whatis. makewhatis -name windex $HOME/man Create whatis database windex instead of whatis. May be useful for Solaris.


*/man/whatis whatis database /etc/periodic/weekly/320.whatis run makewhatis.local every week


apropos(1), catman(1), getNAME(1), man(1), manpath(1), sort(1), uniq(1), whatis(1), makewhatis.local(8)


This makewhatis command appeared in FreeBSD 2.1.


Wolfram Schneider, Berlin. FreeBSD 4.8 January 12, 1995 FreeBSD 4.8