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CATMAN(1)		FreeBSD General Commands Manual 	     CATMAN(1)


catman - preformat man pages


catman [-f | -force] [-h | -help] [-L | -locale] [-p | -print] [-r | -remove] [-v | -verbose] [directories ...]


Catman format man pages to ASCII. It's like typing `man program' for all man pages in directories. Directories is a list of man directories or subdirectories separated by spaces or colons. Use /usr/share/man if no directories defined.


-f, -force Force overwriting old cat pages. Normally only those pages will be formatted which are not up to date. This option is a waste of time, CPU and RAM. -h, -help Print options and exit. -L, -locale Sense locale environment variables for possible localized man subdirectories and process these entries only. -p, -print Don't actually format man pages. Show what would be done. -r, -remove Remove garbage, e. g. catpage without manpage, uncompressed cat- page but a compressed catpage exist, filenames with non-alphanu- meric characters, uncompressed manpage but a compressed manpage exist. -v, -verbose More warnings.


$ catman Format man pages in /usr/share/man if necessary. $ catman $MANPATH Format all your man pages if necessary. $ catman -f /usr/local/man/man1 /usr/local/man/manl Force reformatting of all man pages in /usr/local/man/man1 and /usr/local/man/manl. $ catman -p /usr/X11/man Show only.


/etc/periodic/weekly/330.catman Starts this program


Very fast if all man pages already formatted. Does not support the -w option as some other systems do. Use makewhatis(1) to rebuild the `whatis' database.


man(1) is a setuid program. Be careful that user `man' has write permis- sions to the catman directories. Catman does not check for any `.so' in man page sources. Use hard or symlinks to avoid redundant formatted man pages.


makewhatis(1), man(1), manpath(1)


This version of catman command appeared in FreeBSD 2.1.


Wolfram Schneider <>, Berlin. FreeBSD 4.8 March 12, 1995 FreeBSD 4.8