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FreeBSD man pages : MAKEDEV (8)
MAKEDEV(8)	     FreeBSD/i386 System Manager's Manual	    MAKEDEV(8)


MAKEDEV - create system and device special files


MAKEDEV name ...


The shell script MAKEDEV found in the ``/dev'' directory, is used to cre- ate the common special files. See intro(4) for a more complete discus- sion of special files. MAKEDEV takes any number of device names as arguments, where the names are the common abbreviation for the device. There are two special devices, ``std'' and ``local''. The former creates the standard devices for the architecture. The latter is for devices specific to the local site, and executes the shell file ``MAKEDEV.local''. The i386 supports the following devices. Where a device name is followed by a hash sign (``#''), the hash sign must be replaced by a unit number. std the standard devices (console, fd/*, klog, kmem, mem, null, stderr, stdin, stdout, tty) local configuration specific devices tty# standard PC COM ports fd# ``floppy'' disk drives (3 1/2, 5 1/4) pty# set of 32 master and slave pseudo terminals da# SCSI disk drives sa# SCSI tape drives ch# SCSI changer devices ses# SCSI SES/SAF-TE environmental devices vty# set of 12 virtual console devices for syscons/pcvt/codrv wd# (pc98 only) ``winchester'' disk drives (ST506, IDE, ESDI, RLL etc.) ad# ``ATAPI'' disk drives (IDE). ast# ``ATAPI'' tape drives. acd# ``ATAPI'' CDROM drives.


/dev The special file directory.


ata(4), intro(4), config(8), mknod(8) FreeBSD 4.8 June 5, 1993 FreeBSD 4.8